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GCE solutions IMF Growth Trends

IMF – resilient economy still limping along, with growing divergences

Economies around the world are under pressure and Geo-political tensions don't help! Check out this latest blog post from the International Monetary Fund which states that the likelihood of a soft landing has increased, but growth forecast is the lowest in decades ...
debt advisory

GCE announces new debt advisory joint venture

The team at GCE Business Solutions (GCE) are extremely excited to be part of this new debt advisory joint venture . We now have access to a brilliant team of Investment Bankers at Moore Debt Advisory (MDA) for any large deals we originate ( initially scoped at a debt quantum ...
GCE solutions Mid term Budget

Medium Term Budget Policy Speech

Here’s a recap By Bruce Whitfield following today’s #MTBPS. While there’s lots to celebrate, there is also evidence of catastrophic economic management during the disastrous Zuma years.I’d love to hear your #MTBPS2022 feedback? ...
GCE solurions absa agri report

Presenting Absa AgriTrends 2022

This ABSA Agri Trends 2022 report gives an in-depth view of markets, commodities and other industry-related issues impacting the agriculture industry. The 2022 edition focuses on the latest and future performance of selected agricultural industries, and looks at the underlying factors driving their performance. Download the Absa AgriTrends 2022 report ...
GCE solutions cash flow

Cash Flow Constraints

At this time of the year, we often find that companies experience a strain on their cash flow and we would like to recommend a solution for them.One of our financial partners, Genfin (previously known as Business Fuel) have recently launched some exciting products. In conjunction with this, they have ...